Mr. Lee Nittel, Superintendent
District Superintendent
Mr. Nittel has a wealth of experience in education, having worked as a music teacher, vice principal, principal, director of curriculum and instruction, and finally as a superintendent. He has been in the field for over 28 years, which shows his commitment to education and his dedication to the profession.
He is known for creating a school culture that emphasizes achievement, expectations, character, personal responsibility, and accountability. He has facilitated workshops on student and staff morale, social emotional character development, and developing professional learning communities. These workshops demonstrate his commitment to student and staff well-being and his focus on providing a positive and inclusive learning environment.
Mr. Nittel also emphasizes the importance of two-way communication and collaboration in effective school leadership. He believes that when all stakeholders have a voice, the learning community will evolve into a climate in which students want to learn and teachers want to teach. This approach shows his understanding of the importance of involving all members of the community in the decision-making process and his commitment to creating a positive and supportive school environment for all.
Overall, Mr. Nittel's background and experience demonstrate that he is a highly skilled and dedicated educational leader who is committed to creating a positive and supportive learning environment for students and staff. 
Accomplishments in Mine Hill under Mr. Nittel's Leadership Include:
  • Mine Hill School District Designated a "Lighthouse District" by the NJ DOE
  • Canfield Avenue School designated Bronze Level "Future Ready" Certified School
  • Canfield Avenue School designated Silver Level "Sustainable Jersey" Certified School