Welcome to the Student Registration Section!

<div>Welcome to the Student Registration Section!</div> icon
Welcome to the Student Registration Section!

Dear Families, 
Welcome to the new student registration section!  
Pre-K 3 and 4 year olds & Kindergarten 5 years olds on or before October 1st of year they will start the program - To register your child -
1. Click on "Click Here to Register New Student" button below and 
2. Enter Parent’s First Name, Last Name, and Email Address and Oncourse will provide you with a 
    link via your email to begin the process.
3. School Year Tab - Select the correct school year and upload all Registration/Residency documents   
    where requested (see checklist below). If you are unable to upload the required documents, please  
    email them to Lori Bullock at lbullock@minehillcas.org.
 A. Proof of Residency - One (1) of the following documents listed below:
_____ Recorded property deed or current real estate property tax bill
_____ Current rental lease (Must list by name the entire family and all children living at the  
                residence, include effective dates, and signed by all parties)
_____ Notarized affidavit from renter or property owner (include dates and all who reside at the 

B. Two (2) Additional Proofs of Residency:
_____ Valid NJ State Driver's License with photo ID 
_____ Utility Bill (i.e., electric, gas, water)
_____ Bank Statement 
_____ Cell Phone Bill
_____ Other (List Document): ___________________   
C. Proof of Child’s Age 
____ Original Sealed Birth Certificate 
D. Request for Student Records 
____ Completed and signed by Parent/Guardian
E. Medical Records (Grades Pre-K-6th)                             
____ Current physical exam record on a Universal Health Form 
____ Current Immunization Record from your child’s physician  
____ Medication Permission Form (if applicable) 
____ Asthma Action Plan (if applicable)
____ Food Allergy Action Plan (if applicable) 
4.  Please enter the required information into each of the remaining tabs. Please list three (3) or 
     more emergency contacts for your student in the Parent/Guardian tab.
5. To complete the registration process: Acknowledge, Sign/Date the Forms Section and the 
     Electronic Signature Tab Section. No child will be registered if immunizations and registration  
     forms are incomplete.  
 *Pending Registrations: Please access the original link that was sent via Oncourse and complete the  
    process. DO NOT open multiple registrations and if you have any questions, please call 
    973-366-0590 x301.