Canfield Avenue School Enrichment Program

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The Mine Hill Township Board of Education is committed to identifying and educating academically gifted students.  Our goal is to provide an enriched education which nurtures the development of special abilities and talents as well as addressing the social and emotional needs of the academically gifted child.   The Mine Hill Township School District believes that each student is entitled to challenging and stimulating educational opportunities.  To provide these experiences to our students we offer:

  • Classroom Enrichment: All students in grades PK-3 receive enriched teacher-differentiated instruction in all classrooms;
  • Quest Enrichment Program: In grades 4-6, the Quest Enrichment Program is for students who have demonstrated evidence of high ability, achievement, motivation, creativity and critical thinking.Selected participants in the Quest Enrichment Program meet weekly October through June.Students are screened for the program at the beginning of Grade 4 or later.

Quest Enrichment Program Description

  • The Quest Enrichment Program at Canfield Avenue School targets the top 3-5% of students who demonstrate several of the following attributes:advanced communication skills, creativity, humor, keen insight, diverse interest, high levels of curiosity, above-average memory, intrinsic motivation, advanced program-solving abilities, and complex reasoning skills.
  • The program is designed to extend the established classroom curriculum to meet the educational needs of students who have been identified as benefitting from an enrichment program.
  • The program focuses on topics that extend the grade-level curriculum and enhance each student’s ability to think reasonably, creatively, and divergently.Specific curricular goals and objectives will emerge and evolve to reflect individual student gifts, interests, and talents.Identified Quest Enrichment Program students will meet on a regular basis with the enrichment coach during the school day in grade-level groupings.

Enrichment  Identification Process and Eligibility

Students are identified for enrichment based on the following criteria:

  • Non-verbal reasoning test scores;
  • Standardized test scores (Quest Enrichment Program only);
  • Recommendations from parents and teachers, including input on factors such as learning characteristics, attitude toward learning, and curiosity.

A letter indicating a child’s eligibility for enrichment at Canfield Avenue School will be mailed home upon completion of the review process.  Students participating in the Quest Enrichment Program are expected to maintain their classroom workload as well as work assigned through the Quest Enrichment Program.

Enrichment  Review Committee

A committee will serve as the evaluators for the enrichment identification process.  The committee is comprised of the principal, the school guidance counselor, and the enrichment coach.

Exiting the Quest Enrichment Program

  • Students may self-elect to not participate in the Quest Enrichment Program.If this decision is made, a student must sign a waiver indicating they do not wish to participate in the Quest Enrichment Program.
  • If during participation in the Quest Enrichment Program he/she is not keeping with the high standards set forth by Quest Enrichment Program their eligibility will be reconsidered by the Review Committee.A change in status from eligible to ineligible for the Quest Enrichment Program is at the discretion of the Review Committee.