The Mine Hill Township School district has a seven member Board of Education.  Members of the Board are elected for a three year term and are responsible for conducting the business of the school district within state law and regulations developed by the New Jersey Department of Education.
The board meets on one (sometimes two) Monday(s) of each month at 6:30PM (Public 7PM).  Meeting dates, times, and locations are announced in advance pursuant to the State of New Jersey’s Sunshine Law.  The Board establishes school policies, approves personnel appointments, adopts budgets, approves curriculum, awards bids, and in certain instances, makes final decisions on controversial issues.
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Meeting Date(s)
Thursday, January 4, 2024 – Reorganization; and 
Monday, April 29, 2024 – Budget Public Hearing & Adoption
Board Members

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Board Members

Diane Morris -
President (2nd year of 2nd term - Expires Dec. 2024)
Jennifer Waters -
Vice President (2nd year of 2nd term - Expires Dec. 2024)
Jennifer Antoncich -
(1st year of 2nd term - Expires Dec. 2025) 
Katie Bartnick -
(2nd year of 3rd term - Expires Dec. 2024)

Peter Bruseo -
(1st year of 4th term - Expires Dec. 2026)
Brian Homeyer -
(1st year of 2nd term - Expires Dec. 2026)
Srinivasa Rajagopal -
(1st year of 2nd term - Expires Dec. 2025)
District and Board Goals 2023-24

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District and Board Goals 2023-24

Culture and Climate
  • Implement and integrate a diverse range of Social Emotional Character Development (SECD) strategies that holistically address and enhance the emotional health and well-being of all our students and staff. 
  • In response to changing demographics, the district will offer adaptable and culturally responsive programs that address the diverse needs of all families, ensuring every student's success and every family's inclusion. 

Students Achievement/Instruction
  • Enhance student outcomes in math and science by optimizing resources based on assessment data, aligning math practices with local benchmarks, and ensuring science instruction aligns with NJSLS and NJSLA standards.
  • Deliver targeted professional development to empower educators with the tools and understanding needed to address our district's shifting student demographics effectively.

Finance/ Facilities
  • To continue to effectively schedule, manage, and oversee remaining approved bond referendum maintenance projects, in an effort to provide modern, safe, and conducive learning environments while also proactively developing and updating the district’s long-range facility plan for future projects. 
  • Effectively and transparently allocate both the preschool expansion aid and ESSER funds to best serve our students, ensuring compliance with all federal mandates.

  • Expand our STEAM curriculum to enhance student innovation and 21st-century skills by improving activities, investing in resources, training educators, and fostering community partnerships.
  • Establish a comprehensive and effective data-driven instructional framework within the district by ensuring that educators adeptly utilize data derived from district digital resources.

Proposed 2023-24 School Board Goals 

  • To continue to raise public awareness and appreciation for the district
  • To achieve the master level board certification