The Mine Hill Township School district has a seven member Board of Education.  Members of the Board are elected for a three year term and are responsible for conducting the business of the school district within state law and regulations developed by the New Jersey Department of Education.
The board meets on one (sometimes two) Monday(s) of each month at 7:00 p.m.  Meeting dates, times, and locations are announced in advance pursuant to the State of New Jersey’s Sunshine Law.  The Board establishes school policies, approves personnel appointments, adopts budgets, approves curriculum, awards bids, and in certain instances, makes final decisions on controversial issues.
Board Members

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Karen Bruseo - Email
President (2nd year of 2nd term)
Jill Del Rio - Email
Vice President (3rd year of 3rd term)

Katie Bartnick - Email
(1st year of 2nd term)

Pete Bruseo - Email
(2nd year of 2nd term)

Dina Mikulka - Email
(3rd year of 1st term)
Diane Morris - Email 
(1st year of 1st term)
Jennifer Waters - Email
(1st year of 1st term)