EDITORIAL from the Randolph Reporter: Back referendum in Mine Hill

<div>EDITORIAL from the Randolph Reporter: Back referendum in Mine Hill</div> icon
EDITORIAL from the Randolph Reporter: Back referendum in Mine Hill

Let’s see. The grades K-6 Mine Hill School District- comprised solely of the Canfield Avenue School- needs a pretty significant facelift.
In fact, it’s to the tune of about $5 million. But, the state will ultimately be paying 30 to 40 percent of the total bill and, the overall affect will be a zero percent tax increase for Mine Hill property owners. The term “no brainer” comes to mind pretty quickly. We strongly support this referendum, which Mine Hill voters will have their say on on Tuesday, Sept. 28.
Wisely, the district administration and school board have set it up so soon-to-be-retired debt will be replaced, precisely, by the new debt to be incurred by the referendum. And, of the approximate $6 million, which will be the final cost when all of the interest is taken into account over the life of the 20 year bond, the state will be paying about $2 million. 
It’s a good deal, for a project that is well planned, well thought out and well executed. We toured the school last week with Superintendent Lee Nittel. It’s a very well maintained, attractive, spacious building, with beautiful modernized classrooms. That said, the roof is old and need repair. The doors are clearly outdated, worn out, and just plain don’t look great. You can clearly see daylight right through the cracks of the door in the multipurpose room.
There are no frills here. There’s no gold faucet handles; all of the items contained in this plan are essentials, and are part of a good maintenance regiment. Plus, the district has already undertaken many upgrades and facilities improvements via its regular capital improvements budget.
They’ve shown fiscal prudence, and the excellent condition of the building is proof positive that they are good stewards of taxpayer money. Think about it like this: The state is paying 40 cents on the dollar. There’s a vast number of necessary improvements, not luxury “wish list” items, AND, these projects will result in no tax increase.
This plan needs to be overwhelmingly approved. These further improvements need to be made in a district which has already gone a long way in making improvements, and taxpayers should be extremely satisfied with this deal.