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Mine Hill Mission Statement*

Within a small and diverse community, the Mine Hill School District is dedicated to motivating students to be life-long learners by providing exemplary educational experiences through the creative use of resources and innovative ideas.

The inclusive spirit of our students, families and community, as well as our personalized challenging programs, prepares our students to become contributing members of a complex and changing society.


Vision for CAS

Through a variety of learning experiences, Canfield Avenue School students will be challenged to maximize their potential in a nurturing and supportive learning environment. Children are innately curious, resourceful, self-reliant thinkers and, when provided with a learning environment that encourages free thinking, are able to capitalize on their creativity. Canfield Avenue School students will be provided opportunities that will allow them to reach their individual potentials while collaborating with their peers and interacting with emerging technology to effectively problem solve in an ever-changing world.

Canfield Avenue School

Canfield Avenue School